April 18, 2015
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We offer training that focuses specifically on the individual fighter in training camp- building on the skills you have, and the skills you need to build on.

The camp is designed for the individual fighter and how to be successful against your next opponent.

  • Experts in all areas of MMA will spend specific time with you
  • A complete review of your experience and style along with your upcoming opponent will be done prior to your arrival (to develop a training and fight strategy)
  • Training partners/trainers will be designed to mimic your upcoming opponent male or female
  • Training will include MMA and Fight Strength/Conditioning
  • Will communicate with current trainer before/during/after for coordination of information- in re of training and game plan
  • Confidential fight strategy
  • We take a neutral ground on fighters and training centers (everyone welcome)
  • Can offer corner services or coordination with Corner on fight strategy
  • Housing Included (you provided transportation to the facility and food)
  • $250 includes at least 6 specialized sessions
  • You can come as a group (limited to 5 to maintain individualized attention)

Complete Mixed Martial Arts Training

Team Warrior Concepts is Central Illinois' first MMA Academy established in 1995, and is a premier fight school and training gym. We train in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, American Style Boxing, and Wrestling. We offer a wide variety of classes and our instructors accomodate all skill levels. We are the only gym that specializes in NO GI JIU JITSU.

Our school is located in Springfield IL. We encourage a team building environment and have watched several of our students go on to successful careers in combat sports.

We offer each student a safe and challenging training environment in which he or she can reach many goals. Whether your training is to become a competitive fighter or simply to get in shape like one, we can help.

We encourage a welcoming environment and the instructor/coach Scot Ward closely monitors each student's progress and manages his or her training regiment to suite. Our students ages range from 6 on up and classes are avaliable to both boys/girls- male/female.